In the course of time, Zen begrudgingly welcomes the dating not much it makes him ‘cringe’ observe Jumin thus lovey-dovey

Zen does not irritate to mention in order to E the third by the girl name, understanding full better they annoys Jumin and is also truly the only go out that he is able to draw a response in the most other kid

Of all of the members regarding the RFA, Zen will get along minimum that have Jumin, which he opinions to be a ‘trust loans jerk’ who was born with a silver-spoon in the mouth, and you can thinks one Jumin try a robotic individual that merely cares to possess their money along with his pet, Age the next. Zen can be important towards the Jumin off his cures towards the Jaehee, disagreeing with exactly how much Jumin really works his secretary despite Jaehee claiming inside the Jumin’s station one to Jumin’s work is greater than her very own. Right down to their dislike into the Jumin, Zen attempts to end him at all costs, speaing frankly about your simply as ‘jerk’ and you may whining if in case Jumin goes into the brand new talk. Since game try originally set in Korean, the new MC can explain just how Zen does not chat inside honorifics to Jumin, that Korean try an indication of admiration so you can individuals older.

However, Zen’s animosity isn’t reciprocated and Jumin retains zero hatred on the Zen, plus sees your while the a buddy despite Zen’s medication to the your and you can Jumin actually sends Zen bodyguards not as much as danger of new hacker in the station. Jumin has actually offered modeling and you will sponsorships also offers for the Zen many times, recognizing his ability along with his seems however, Zen features refuted her or him anytime, making use of their first appointment ending with Zen rejecting Jumin’s promote out-of a job. The ideal bone regarding contention originates from Zen’s hatred of kitties and you will Jumin’s fascination with them – often, Jumin will be sending images of E the 3rd for the talk realizing that, so great try Zen’s hypersensitive reactions, it will put Zen out of and even heading in terms of to create into the cat into previous party making Zen’s hypersensitive reactions act up to a very high training.

It’s just in Zen’s route perform some two start to look for vision in order to vision; Jumin is the one to set up Zen as well as the MC’s conference, putting some necessary preparations to take the newest lesbian hookup apps ad MC over to Zen’s family even with his very own personal religion that men and women will be not way of life together otherwise paying night with her prior to wedding; only at some point does Zen recognise Jumin’s help and gives out-of relationship, apologising to possess misdirecting his fury that he experienced with the their sibling to Jumin, that the other kid welcomes and when once more produces an give having Zen become face off a tea cup venture he could be implementing.

The 2 greatly conflict in the Jumin’s channel, assaulting much more thus than usual more than Jumin’s measures of getting the fresh new MC stay in their penthouse; multiple times really does Zen threaten Jumin so you can ‘release’ the fresh new MC, caution the brand new MC one to Jumin are a person and that good beast hence she cannot believe your to not ever do just about anything.


Jaehee and you may Zen are close friends, with Jaehee together with becoming a diehard lover out of Zen, usually complimenting your to your their seems and you can fangirling over the selfies the guy frequently delivers towards the chats. Jaehee’s reliability simply breaks whenever around Zen and she is very defensive more than Zen with his community, to the level in which she’ll punish the latest MC if the she candidates the MC having ideas to have Zen, whether the MC is in his route or otherwise not; not, her protectiveness is just over regarding matter getting Zen and you can his broadening dominance, getting scared one to a beneficial scandal you will occur and you will finish injuring their job.

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