Yu Han Sung: He was sample director of your next Flooring

Viole appears to pick their while the a way to obtain pointers and you can requires the woman conditions to heart when she admonishes your for his decisions when confronting Rachel. It should be listed, you to definitely despite Baam is actually reunited together with his family relations throughout the floors out of try, Hwa Ryun still merely calls him Viole.

Usually, it appears Baam’s relationship with Light keeps turned into a tiny tolerable, since the Baam looked ready to believe your and you may Light promising Baam to make use of the efficacy of the souls in to the him therefore the guy you will definitely most useful challenge Kallavan

He first suits Baam regarding the second floors because the an examination director, of course Baam becomes betrayed because of the Rachel which can be kept single muslim mobiele site by yourself, they are one which will teach Baam including Ha Jinsung. He said that in the event the Baam does not getting slayer applicant, they destroy out-of his friends, you start with Rachel. He teaches Baam many experience pertaining to trend handling, even in the event Baam will not such as for instance using them.

Nonetheless they satisfy one another regarding the undetectable flooring, however, Yu Hansung since a normal. It fulfill both from inside the fresh fruit of good and you can worst. Yu Hansung conserves Baam and Androssi of bringing slain of the you to definitely of the barriers, regardless of if Baam hates Yu Hansung plenty, Yu Hansung does not be aware that. Yu Hansung assists him satisfy Khun Eduan.

When the Heck Instruct comes into last channel, Yu Hansung helps Baam escape due to of several rankers and you can high rankers. Yu Hansung informs Baam that he increased.

It’s undecided regardless of if its relationships is among the most legitimate friendship, or out-of simple allies regarding benefits at the moment

Karaka : He is 11th slayer of FUG. A fellow beginner of Ha Jinsung. Karaka very first looks on the label hunting channel that have Viole, and blocking his way to the latest Heck Teach. Having Yuri, Yihwa, and several others’ assist, Viole escapes to your Instruct and Karaka fails to rating him.

Upcoming, during the last channel, when Zahard’s army comes and you will symptoms Regulars on heck train, he aids in their greatest, with the knowledge that Ha Jinsung chosen Viole more than him, and you will Karaka chooses to help Viole get out of the last route.

White : He is tenth slayer of FUG. He is to begin with out of Arie Loved ones, no matter if he matches FUG and gets an effective slayer considered payback with the Arie Hon. The guy basic says that he’s Hoaqin, only an effective D rating Normal who’s a great slayer applicant, up coming fights with Viole more than slayer applicant by making right up good online game named Dallar inform you about Heck Teach. He’s defeated from the Viole and those who have been slain by the Light.

Upcoming, whenever White gets the their energy backs, actually in the last duplicate, the guy facilitate Viole out from the last station, and then he faints twice in the act, in the event he caused it to be his efforts back. Although Viole denies to track down assistance from your, White however stays and assists Viole eliminate.

Whenever White went to Baam’s industry on the Pet Tower, Baam understands that Light is just permitting your because the guy desires anything out-of him in lieu of permitting him out of goodwill. Just after understanding Light slain Arkraptor and you can Prince, Baam is actually happy to risk his most recent goal and expressed an effective destroying intent with the Light to avenge their companions.

Khel Hellam : Among the Elders out of FUG, Khel Hellam first didn’t have an excessive amount of an impression to the Baam, are more than willing so you’re able to destroy your, however, just after seeing Baam was able to changes destiny in order to defy his forecasts by the removing him of his control over Doom, Hellam began enjoying Baam’s potential due to the fact something you will prevent actually Zahard’s, no matter if he would be much more than just ready to eliminate your when the he turned out to be dark.

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